Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011: Balenciaga, Dries van Noten, Rue du mail

Who: Balenciaga
What it made us think of: Caged gardens
What we liked: The longer than usual skirts, the whimsical floral print, the cagey jackets of woven leather, shoes, the braided leather clutches with seat belt straps
What we didn't: Plainer black, blue and grey looks
Who: Dries Van Noten
What it made us think of: A fabric stores haphazardly sliding into another dimension
What we liked: Mixed prints, use of green and gold, vivid colors, plastic and wooden heels
What we didn't: Whole looks didn’t seem all the special until you zoomed in on details. The proportions seemed odd on many looks.
Who: Rue du Mail
What it made us think of: Magic Eye Puzzles
What we liked: Pants, shoulders, butterfly wing print, mixed prints, optical illusions
What we didn't: A lot of black looks that didn’t fit with the more vibrant, illusion-y and print looks
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