Our Favorite 2011 Oscar Looks

More than anything else, we were happy to see women experimenting with fashion this season. There were fewer standard Grecian or retro glam dresses and more attempts to forge a new path. Did it always work? No. But we'd rather see women enjoy their clothing than worry about getting on the best dressed list. The whole reason our red carpet coverage has evolved over the years from a typical best/worst dressed into our favorite looks is to encourage experimentation and the memorable.

Head-to-toe sparkle is nice, but not something we normally comment on. Amy Adams, however, managed to do a few small things to knock this out of the park. First of all, she picked a great color. Amy really knows how to work her red hair to it's maximum potential with her frequent go-to of navy. Secondly, she added color to color with her pearl and emerald jewelry.

I may just be completely biased in her favor, but Cate Blanchett was stunning in Givenchy couture. (Fun fact, I'd had this dress set aside in my file for Nicole Kidman but changed my mind because of her hair.) I don't recall seeing her work many icy pastels, but the bold structure, samurai shoulders, and contrasting highlighter yellow beading raise it beyond your typical sweet pale dress.
Who wore your favorite look at the Oscars on Sunday?


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