London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011: Christopher Kane, Julien MacDonald, Felder Felder

Who: Christopher Kane
What it made us think of: The blanket on Rosanne's couch and mood rings
What we liked: Nothing. Kane's one of my favorites, but this was the pits!
What we didn't: Boxy cuts, cut outs, the patternsWho: Julien MacDonald
What it made us think of: Rodarte and Lanvin give a masters class on black
What we liked: black, leafy embroidery, lace, layers, jackets, Victorian boots, knife pleats
What we didn't: Here's something you won't hear me say often: The color felt out of place.
Who: Felder Felder
What it made us think of: "Rhapsody in Blue" played by The Sex Pistols
What we liked: blue lipstick, blue goat hair, simple dresses with a punk flair, plaid
What we didn't: tie dye, silver

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Love you articles!! The QUESTION/RESPONSE makes it very entertaining.
If you wish to find out more on Felder-Felder brand and see my collaboration on the textile design/production with Felder twins please visit:

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