London Fashion Week Fall 2011: Mary Katranzatou, Mark Fast, Temperly London

Who: Mary Katranzatou
What it made us think of: The designer's favorite things turned into a dizzying collage of prints
What we liked: The vivid prints, more separates, legwear, a mix of bold and very wearable shapes
What we didn't: ---
Who: Mark Fast
What it made us think of: What Ursula would knit (all those tentacles can do a lot of knitting)
What we liked: Fast is pushing himself to expand his work, the knitwear that looks like fur, the structured knitwear, use of leather
What we didn't: The minimal looks, leather wasn't as interesting as knitwear, some looks went beyond sexy to vulgar
Who: Temperly London
What it made us think of: The complete wardrobe for a rebellious princess who wants to be a pop star.
What we liked: Ruffles, lace prints, gloves, shiny fabrics, pleats, pants
What we didn't: --
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