Weekend Fashion Find: Huggable Hangers

Anytime I think about hangers, my brain cuts to an irate Faye Dunaway (playing Joan Crawford) screeching "No wire hangers, ever!"

To avoid such hanger-related stress, I recommend these huggable style hangers. Covered with a velvety material, they keep clothing from sliding off or slipping around (and, therefore, getting odd hanger marks from hanging improperly). I like to wear shirts with wider necklines that fall off most slippery hangers and get dents from the indents on plastic hangers that try to be grippy. These are the perfect solution to constantly snatching wrinkles tops off the floor of my closet.

These hangers are also extremely thin. If you were ever attracted to wire hangers because of how little space they require ("No wire hangers!" Sorry, I'm done now), you can count on these to take up just as little space while taking much better care of your clothes. I can fit two or three of these hangers in the space on of my bulky plastic ones requires.

They save space, cut down on re-ironing, keep your closet tidy and help maintain your clothes. You can buy them just about anywhere (including T.J.Maxx and Marshalls at a steal of a price). The 20 piece set pictured here costs $19.99 on Amazon.


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