Weekend Fashion Find: Chocolate Shoes

I used to work dangerously close to Gayle's Chocolates. On particularly stressful work days, I would wander in and treat myself to a little bite of chocolate during my lunch break. (Until Lifetime decided to film an "original" movie on that street causing a frenzy of people who wanted to see stars thus blocking me from my chocolate fix and prompting me to attempt sneaking past police to nab some noms. This brewed in me an intense hostility toward Lifetime Original Movies. Anyway...)

Gayle's sells these delightful chocolate shoes ($40). I love shoes, and I love chocolate (Gayle's has good chocolate too!) so even though I've never had one of these I can assume I would love it.

Should anyone decide to give me a Valentine, please skip the heart shaped chocolate in favor of shoe shaped chocolate. They come in a variety of styles like those pictured above and metallic mules ($40), zebra print or orange peep toes ($45), and minis ($14). My personal favorite is the new Shimmery Purple Pump ($40), since I love purple.


Anonymous said…
utterly amazing! I love it. What a fabulous idea :)


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