Project Design: Shoulders

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

We often shoulder the blame or the burden. At times if feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Our shoulders slump with disappointment and raise up tensed when things get stressful. We look over our shoulder when we are suspicious. We are tapped on our shoulders when someone needs our attention. A chip on our shoulder indicates something has made us guarded and terse. If we make the right choices, we're told we have a good head on our shoulders. How do you adorn such a telling body part as the shoulders?

Spike Chain Shoulder Pads with Body Suit by katiekansas
Leather Look Button Bolero by uniquastudio
Road Warrior Harness by iheartnorwegianwood
Brass Armor Epaulettes by binkaminka
Fringe & Feather Shoulder Pads by lazysundaysshop
Quilted Shoulder Pad Dress by jenfashion
Chandelier Chain Shoulder Armor by snefter


Patty said…
Fergie and Will I.AM wore jewel encrusted shoulder ornaments during the Super Bowl I don't think I liked it so much on their outfits. I can take over the outfit, look military or just odd.
French Gifts said…
all shoulder design are very nice. Chandelier Chain Shoulder? chain for shoulder? is it safe for skin? I don't think so... its round the shoulder. If it's just for only top and a hook to hang with dress. I think its good looking and it won't harm for skin. But its looking very nice. Great creativity.

French Gifts | Tea Towels
I Love those shoulders!
Almost all my t-shirts are look a like.
JIM Designs said…
Wonderful post!

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