Poll: Fragrance Families

I've been learning a little about fragrance lately. I have severe allergies so most fragrances bother me. Sometimes I can get away with the sweet candy and fruit offerings of Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret, but I'd like more options. For me, its mostly florals and natural-realted scents that are out of the question. I looked up the different types of fragrances so I could see what else was out there and learn to avoid scents I know I can't sniff without sneezing.

Floral: This is the most popular fragrance category for women. It easy to identify because it smells like flowers. Examples: Beautiful by Estee Lauder; Marc Jacobs Daisy

Oriental: Imagine the spicy, exotic scents from foods, teas and seasonings found in the Orient. These fragrances capture the sexy, spicy aroma. Examples: Calvin Klien Obsession; Dior Addict

Citrus: Derived from lemons, limes tangerines and the like, these fragrances are light, crisp and, of course, citrus-y. Examples: DKNY Be Delicious; Ck One

Chypre: (pronounced "SHIP-ruh") Mossy, woodsy and even leather-ist scent belong to this category. Examples: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker; Rihanna's new fragrance Reb'l Fleur

Fougère: (pronounced "foo-JHAIR") The name of this category means fern so the scents are fresh, slightly floral, herbacious and woody. Examples: Davidoff Cool Water; Clinque Chemistry

Gourmand: Just say "yum!" This category is all about the eats ranges from sweet to spicy. Examples: Miss Dior Cherie; Angel By Thierry Mugler

Which fragrance families attract you? (You can use this fragrance finder on Marie Claire to look your favorites up in case you aren't sure). Select you favs (you can pick multiples) from the poll below.

Image Source: The Perfumed Court


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