Pink Dresses

Pantone, the people who name colors and give them official numbers (one of those tasks sounds more fun than the other), has declared honeysuckle pink the color of 2011. Unless you remember 2010 as the Year of Turquoise, take this pronouncement with a grain of salt.
However, honeysuckle (and pink in general) is a fabulous color whatever the year. Pink ranges from looking nice with your skin tone to looking a-freaking-mazing with your skin tone. For a long time, I seemed to only buy shirts in this color as it makes my skin look healthier. While this shade seems to only be filling the racks at Barney's at the moment, we can still enjoy plenty of other pink. So whether you're looking for a Valentine's dress or just something to make you think spring, I've rounded up some fabulous pink dresses.
Top: wool sheath, Talbot's $98.99
pleat halter dress, Top Shop $78
one-shoulder ruffle dress, Urban Outfitters $34.99
bright sundress, Bluefly $76.49
Bottom: dolman sleeve sheath, Target $24.99
silk chiffon dress, J. Crew $99.99
ruffle dress, Mod Cloth $67.99
print shirt dress, Urban Outfitters $39.99


becca said…
I like the bright silk chiffon dress from J. Crew. It's my favorite shape.

I also like the pretty ruffle one next to it, though that isn't usually my best shade of pink.

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