The Horror: This Post Contains The Phrase "Skin Yarn"

Have you ever watched Firefly? Well, why not? We've mentioned it's steampunk space charm so much we even put it in our sidebar's rotating gallery of things that are awesome. Plus, it stars Nathan Fillion, who happens to be ruggedly handsome. For those of you who are pitifully uninitiated, one of the big scary villains in the show is the Reavers. They used to be men, but the lonely black of space drove them mad. Sewing the skin of their victims into their clothing is among the horrible crimes they perpetrate against unwitting colonists of the outer planets. This sweater is what Reever moms knit with skin yarn. Yes, that's very gross, but that's also a very gross sweater.


Anonymous said…
I love that you managed to incorporate Firefly, Reavers and Nathan Fillion into a post on fashion. You're a big damn hero.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the post above. Kudos. Sci fi & sweaters & snowdays? It's a beautiful tuesday.

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