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Even if you'd rather watch paint dry than celebrate Valentine's Day, you've got to admit the holiday is a great time to stock up on girly accessories. I'm most fond of the sweet blended with the tough -- the padlock bracelet or punch-out leather belt. But then the more sugary details such as the scarves or headbands are the perfect compliment to an austere black dress.

What girly goods to you like to stock up on?

Sweet Accessories

Sweet Accessories by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring heart jewelry


Fanya said…
So I'm probably in the minority, butI don't get the appeal of a lip ring/necklace/bracelet etc.

A kiss stain or heart shape printed on something? sexy and pretty. A red lip accessory?...I just don't get the appeal of wearing a red body part around...why do you wear a lip around?
Jael Paris said…
Because you're a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show?

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