Weekend Fashion Find: Spotted Moth Shop

I recently discovered Spotted Moth, an online shop that reminds me of Mod Cloth by way of Etsy with a dash of Anthropologie thrown in. Best of all, this shop has more affordable prices. Spotted Moth offers a cute mix of handmade, quirky and classic fashions plus accessories, apparel and home decor. There are even some plus size offerings (though they are few at the moment). Here are just a few of my favorite items:

Pictured: (L to R, Top to Bottom)
Lace and Bobble Scarf in Navy, $16.99
Friends in High Places Necklace, $12.99
Nancy Drew Dress, $69.99*
Darling Cardigan, $35.74 (from $54.99)
Rustic Wrap Top, $24.99
My Dear Watson Dress, $40.94 (from $62.99)*
Goldfish Scale Tights, $46.99
Log Pillow, $45.99 (I know it's not fashion, but it's so cute and rustic I had to throw it in.)

*I love detective novels and love the idea of trench coat dresses as a way to play detective with fashion. I just can't decide which story I want to be in.


Anonymous said…
what a lovely shop! thanks for sharing :) xx

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