Pick Of The Week: Flippy Mitten Things

My friend the photographer excitedly suggested this week's POTW -- "those flippy-uppy mitten glove things." With all the detail work she needs to do on her camera, being able to briefly expose her fingertips rather than her whole hand marks a win in the stay warm column. My mother and I both work in cold offices and consider convertible fingerless gloves a must have for winter. If you find a pair long enough (Target may have some on clearance right now), they'll keep your forearms warm as well.


Anonymous said…
AKA "Glittens". Love them. I need them when I run outside or I can't work the IPod (they have special gloves for that but I haven't made that investment yet)
Catie D. said…
These are wonderful for driving in the winter, especially in the morning, when your steering wheel is colder than Antarctica. Then, when the heat FINALLY kicks in, you can flip them open. I adore these.
Vicki said…
HOORAY I AM THE PHOTOGRAPHER FRIEND! And I love my flippy mitten things. Mine are kelly green cabled from Target!
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