KushyFoot Foot Covers Review

This Christmas, I found a pair of Kushyfoot Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers in my stocking. They are little nylon foot covers with thin, but pretty effective cushioning on the bottom. I actually have a few pairs of shoes that have worn down and will benefit from these. However I think Kushyfoot could make a few improvements before I go around raving about them.

  • The foot covers come in Large/Plus size for people with size 9 to 12 feet. Sure, it would be nice if these came in each individual size, but most items like this come in "one size fits all" as long as "all" means up to a size 9 or 10.
  • The cushions aren't so thick that they effect how my shoes fit. Most insoles are far to thick for my feet to comfortably fit into a shoes. These are a good alternative.
  • They're pretty cheap--about $3.50 a pair. This is better than $10 for insoles and they can transfer from shoe to shoe.
  • They claim to be ultra low cut, but they come up to high to wear with any of my mary janes or pumps. In fact, I will probably limit these to booties and maybe my black heeled loafers. (For reference I wear a size 11 so I'm not on the lower end of the sizing either. If you wear a 9 expect even less of a "low cut" look).
  • The cushioning does not cover from the ball of the foot to the heel. You can to choose based on how you wear the sock. They fit best covering the heel of the foot. The cushioning will continue down the arch and stop short of the ball--a place where more cushion would be nice when wearing high heels. If you wear a size 7 or 8, you may be able to get full coverage from the Large/Plus size.
  • The package claims Kushyfoot "massages your feet with every step." They don't.
Overall, Kushyfoot Foot Covers are a great idea, but the product could be better. They will work nice in some of my boots and booties, especially over tights. Despite the cons, I'm eager to try some of Kushyfoot's other products like cushioned sole tights and toe covers. They aren't a perfect product yet, but they are a great idea so far.


Anonymous said…
nice review! I just love the insoles that transfer from shoe to shoe though. They've changed my fashion life. I refuse to spend $14 for Dr. Scholl's so I got the generic Rite Aid kind and they are awesome. xx
Jael Paris said…
I'm not sure I could ever buy these. It's not that the idea is unappealing; it's that I keep reading the name as "Krusty Foot Covers." And that is nasty.

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