How To Wear A Furry Vest

When furry vests popped up again last year, I thought for sure it would be a one season thing; but women have latched on to everything from shearling to shag. If you've been itching to try this warm and fuzzy trend but aren't sure how it will work with your wardrobe, here are a few ideas beyond the 70s.

I saw gobs of furry vests in Japan, as this is a popular item in the "Folklore" style. This is one of the easier Japanese trends to pull off in the States. It involves elements tablecloth lace, floral prints, peasant blouses, and Victorian details. Chances are good you already have a few of those things in your closet.

Of course you can always use a warm furry vest to update a summer dress. Here I took a cotton shift, layered it with a long-sleeved top and vest, and threw in boots for warmth.

Furry vests generally have a rugged look to them. At their chicest, they're still a little motorcycle or ski lodge. Use that to contrast your girliest attire. Be careful to tie it in somehow. Here the black lace and shoe detail makes the vest a clear part of the outfit instead of something thrown on for warmth.

Do you have a cute retro dress? Move it out of the past with a furry vest and strong boots.

How do you work the furry vest?


Anonymous said…
Jael, I do believe you could make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I don't care for furry vests, but these are cute outfits!
Jael Paris said…
Thanks! I'm not that big of a fan either, but I take it as a style challenge.
Anonymous said…
The second look is amazing! I've been wanting a pair of boots like that for years. I'm not big on a fur vest either but the shearling seems a little more wearable... :) xx
Jael Paris said…
Charles, those boots are Sam Edleman's "Sanford". They're on sale right now too.
Rachel said…
I keep wondering what was with all the furry vests. I know they were on the runway a lot (last year?), but wow. I haven't seen any real people wearing them around here. Do I dare?

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