The Horror: Skeggings

If someone walked up to me and said "skegging," I would probably respond with "bless you" assuming they sneezed. Sadly, the skegging is a piece of clothing. While looking for leggings to feature in an upcoming post, I came across the skegging. Apparently the equation goes: skirt + legging = skegging.

I'm thrilled someone is encouraging women to wear skirts with their leggings since leggings are not pants, but do we really need to attach the skirt? If they're made of the same material won't the skirt just catch and ride up? Can't we dress ourselves? Do you have to make up more horrible words to add to our language? Wasn't "jegging" bad enough?

Also, at the price of $34 could you just buy some black leggings and a basic black skirt at Target or Kohl's? These would be much more versatile as separates.


Rachel said…
Sounds like a stupid invention just to SELL something!
Jael Paris said…
And on the top you can wear a cardigan with a fake shirt sewn in.
Anonymous said…
I would probably respond with "bless you"


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