Etsy Shop of the Week: POOFskirts

Shop: POOFskirts

Why We Love It: Fashion can be arty, sophisticated, deep, trendy, classic, ostentatious. Fashion can set us apart, help us fit in, make a good (or bad) first impression. And sometimes fashion can just be fun--impractical, dance around the room, "why not wear this?" fun. POOFskirts creates that kind of fashion fun. This isn't a wardrobe staple or a hot trend right now. This is just good fun. (And who couldn't use a dose of fun in this dreary January weather?)

Price Range: Hair Poofs: $25 - $45; POOFskirts: $65 -$185

More Info: Custom orders are welcome. Visit POOFskirts on Facebook for more info.

Favorite Items: Pictured Above: Double layered POOFskirt $185. Pictured Below (L to R): Psychedelic Galaxy Skirt $110; Crisscross Skirt $150; Valentine's "I Heart You" Skirt $120; Black Light Recative Green Swirl Skirt $140


rachel said…
These are fun! I'd feel like a Jetson (in a good way) wearing this.

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