Poll: Family Gatherings

Despite the oven and Pernod pastis, I was freezing Thanksgiving day. Eventually, I gave up my ruffled chiffon shrug for a cozy sweatshirt. It didn't go with the knee boots, dress pants, and nice top I was wearing, but family doesn't care. Or do they?

It's so easy to be casual around family, that most people I know barely get dressed for family occasions. Whatever jeans they wore yesterday. A tee that won't offend grandma. Festive earrings. I tried this for a couple years in high school, but mother wasn't having it. It's a holiday, an event, so you get dressed.

What did you wear for Thanksgiving?


becca said…
Thanksgiving is a small holiday for our family. Not many people come over. I try to look nice, but I'm always cooking some so I keep it simple.

I dress up more for Christmas and Easter. Those involve more family and everyone is a bit more dressy. I'm also cooking for these occasions so I usually have to resort to a costume change. Aprons aren't enough with some of our more complicated family recipes.

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