Love or Loathe: Christmas Sweaters

When I think of Christmas sweaters I usually think of that that weird uncle (or old guy at work or the lovable but dopey neighbor) who wears the light up Christmas Tree sweater that plays "Deck The Halls" every time someone shakes his hand and trips the little buzzer he's holding.

Not all Christmas sweaters require batteries, but many still belong at ugly sweater parties rather than actual holiday parties. I was surprised to find so many Christmas sweaters while wandering stores recently. Urban Outfitters has adorned a sweater with ornaments (above, $49) and several shops including Victoria's Secret have reindeer prancing across their sweaters (below). What do you think of the Christmas sweater? Do you love the over-the-top fun for the holiday season? Or do you loathe all Christmas prints? Are subtle prints like snowflakes OK? Or should everyone just stick to a nice red sweater?
Reindeer Cape Sweater Jacket, Saks Fifth Ave
Purple Reindeer Tunic, Victoria's Secret $29
Deer & Lace Sweater, Topshop $80
Reindeer Cardigan, Urban Outfitters $48


Catie D. said…
I feel like if I wore something like this, it would make me look 50 pounds heavier. It's hard to find nice sweaters.

However, I think this look is very cute when correctly pulled off.
The violet and the brown one are super cute actually!
rachel said…
I'm in the loathe category. Snowflake sweaters are really popular here, but even those make me cringe a little.
Fanya said…
It's controversial. I like them ONLY IF:

1. keep it to 2 colors or less (red/white, gray/white etc.)
2. keep the prints simple (snowflakes OR raindeer OR ornaments, not everything on 1 sweater).
3. It have a waist and is fitted instead of lumpy (unless it's that cute gray sweater cape. From what's on the model, add black boots, white gloves, and a cute white newsboy hat)
Leigh said…
some of them can look amazing if pulled off well! i think it requires a certain style though
WatchSource said…
it's a very interesting style, i like so much the violet one.
kaye said…
LOVE IT! perfect for x-mas :)

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