Pick of the Week: BUNNIES!!!

I am Mocha, Captain of the Cute Army. This is my minon, Kinkajou.

I like dandelions.

We have infiltrated your ranks and claimed one of your own, turning her into a cooing-gooing mess of relaxation.

She brings me om noms and rubs my nose.

She is but our first victory in the quest for world domination. YOU WILL KNEEL BEFORE MY FUZZY WUZZY GLORY!! To mark our conquests, we will attire you in sweaters bearing our crest: a rabbit sister holding a strawberry the size of her torso.

Strawberries! Where?! I love strawberries. They make my lips red, then I have to wash them with my wittle bitty paws.

Indeed, Kinkajou. The humans would be wise to bring berry offerings to their new masters. It's only a matter of time before they all fall oohing and ahhing before us and give up their nuzzles.


Sarah Dee said…
this was hilarious!!

rachel said…

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