Open Poll: Hair Dye

I've never dyed my hair. In college, I put a temporary, two-week tinting mousse in my hair that turned my natural highlights red, but that's as far as I've gone. Mostly, I haven't dyed my hair because I really like my hair color. Also, my hair is very dark brown so I'd have to lighten it for most hair color to do anything more than just tint it some. Besides, it seems like a lot of work to keep up a fake hair color.

Yesterday, I linked to piece by a fashion blogger who is starting to get grey hair in her 20s. I also have some grey hair (most of which I suspect is due to constantly hitting the same part of my head on my bunk in college since that's where the grey appears). It drives me crazy when people try to plunk a grey hair if they notice it. Please leave my hair on my head. Thank you. I'm not sure why this is an abomination, but many women think so and wish I would just dye my hair since I'm too young to have any grey. (I suspect more women have grey than realize it since they are constantly dying their hair).

I'm considering doing a red tint from temporary color again and someday tinting my hair purple, but not to cover the grey--just for fun. Most of the hair dye users I know fall under this just-for-fun category. They enjoy changing up their look, experimenting with color, and adding some shine and dimension to their hair with highlights.

Do you dye your hair? If so, why do you do it? (And if not, why?) Also, do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?


Bronwyn said…
I dyed my hair alsmost constantly since i was about 13. i too have really dark hair so i started of dying it redish, then red-er i've also hade black hair, purple tinited hair, blue streaks, blonde (for half a day before), blue. yes i did dye my entire hair blue! out of all of that the only one i got done at the salon was the blue streaks, all the rest i did at home with the help of my mum or a friend. i now have my natural hair colour and am happy with it!
Jennifer Wells said…
I like my natural hair color, too, but I have been getting more gray recently. I'm just not ready for that.

I colored my hair for the first time a few weeks ago. I went for burgundy and I really like it!
rachel said…
I love my real color, but I also love doing temporary auburn. I've been wanting to go reddish again. I just wish I could find the temporary stuff here in Japan, but unfortunately, I haven't. I'm not opposed to permanent, but Japanese hair dye is much stronger since the hair texture tends to be thicker and I don't trust it on my fine, honey brown hair.
Kschenke said…
I've been dyeing my hair blue for the last few months. I did it because I'm 25 and if not now, when?
becca said…

That's why I've been considering bright red or purple because I'm 25 and when else am I going to do that?

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