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Installation and performance artist, Robin Barcus Slonina, is making a dress for every state in the Union. She's made 8 of them so far: A corn dress for Minnesota, a garbage bag dress for New York, a prairie dress for Iowa, a casino chip dress for Nevada, Pine Cone dress for Maine, a willow dress for Wyoming, a red dress made form 28 red dresses for Illinois, and a white pine dress for Wisconsin. Follow her work on her blog: State of the Dress.

The Cut Blog has a round up of the best and worst of October fashion magazines. See highlights like details from Alexander McQueen's last collection and horrors like ridiculously priced ice climbing outfits.

If you recently unpacked your sweaters only to discover an old favorite is no longer wearable, turn it into a DIY sweater tote.

Katie, a 28-year-old blogger at Interrobangs Anonymous, blogs about her grey hair and why she doesn't dye it anymore.

I recently wrote about one-year fashion projects. The two women of 365 Fashion Rehab didn't shop for an entire year. Now, in their second year, they're blogging about shopping consciously.

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Catie D. said…
I checked out the Dress of the State Blog. While everything is incredibly creative and challenging (I can't IMAGINE working with poker chips or garbage bags!), they all look like what they are. The garbage bag dress //looked// like a garbage back. The sponge dress looked like an old sponge. I think it would be cooler if she actually reworked them. It's sad to say, but I've actually seen better garbage bag dresses.

But maybe that's not the point.
That is really cool doing a dress for each state- really love that garbage bag dress!
Jael Paris said…
Not only do I LOVE the name Interrobangs Anonymous, but that's also a well-written piece.

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