Etsy Shop of the Week: Couvert

Shop: Couvert

Why We Love It: This shop makes cozy chic and romantic. I want to cuddle up in all of these clothes and accessories, but none of these comfy clothes are in-home-only like sweats and pjs.

Price Range: $19 - $295

More Info: Couvert was featured in (and won) our Project Design: Linen Skirts in May 2009.

Favorite Items: Hoodie Alternative $105 (pictured); Tweed skirt with cargo pockets and satin ruffle $110; Puffy Sleeve Shrug $99; Braided Shrug/Crop Sweater $95; Soft Tunic w/ Knit Collar $110; Pom Pom Hat $75; Avant Garde Scarf $64; Romantic Chocolate Coat $295


Unknown said…
Interesting, very warm and muted color range. I'd cuddle up at home in those!

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