Project Design: Arachnophobia

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Warning: This post contains spiders. They are jewelry spiders, but I thought I should warn you because I hate spiders. Thinking about them makes my skin crawl. Last year, I found cool web necklaces at Halloween. I thought it would be cool to do spiders this year. I thought wrong. The jewelry crafters on Etsy are far too talented at making realistic spider jewelry--at least realistic enough for me. I've only selected really unrealistic spiders or things that just remind me of spiders since my reaction to real spiders is usually screaming "Die, die, die..." until someone rescues me (when I'm alone with a spider, I have to kill it with a Swiffer sweeper covered in a paper towel--closest thing to a 10-foot pole).

Which spider-y item would you avoid squashing?

Simon the Spider Necklace by persimmonjewelry
Tiny Arachnid Necklace by budandbranch
Mussorgsky Ring with soft spikes by IanHendersonArt
Spider Earrings by decoratethediva
Rhinstone Spider & Web Necklace by Serrelynda
Ex Amino Necklace by UntamedMenagerie
Spider...EEk! Necklace by LittleBlackHeart
Pearl Spider Earrings by creationsroy


I have a deep fear of bugs but I am so fascinated by them. I just bought some little black spider earrings, that from the right distance, they look like a spider's on me. I love all of these pieces, thanks for sharing.
i hate spiders too, but i love the secong pendant.

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