VMA Bonus Poll: The Many Fashions of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga usually makes several costume changes. She toned it down this year to only three looks, but she cranked up the volume and the controversy. She kicked off the night with a tribute to Alexander McQueen (left), followed by an overly voluminous, custom Giorgio Armani gown (middle), and she ended the evening in a pot stirring meat ensemble by Franc Fernandez (right). Vote for your favorite look below and tell us why you liked it. (Also, tell us your least favorite choice.)


Anonymous said…
I'm probably going to get laughed at, but I loved the meat dress. Simply because it's gross, kinda hilarious and very Gaga.

I also adored the McQueen getup, because I love McQueen... I'm not helpful at all, haha.
Fanya said…
I love the armani dress cuz I totally want to wear it.

However, it is totally plain by Gaga-standard I think the meat dress is more Lady Gaga style.
Jael Paris said…
The Armani dress is hard to see. It actually has a pickup skirt and spiky books...and it's all leather.

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