Project Design: Pill Box

I suffer from migraines, so I always keep a small container of headache medicine on me. Thinking I needed to step things up from my old Altoids container, my friend bought me a cute pill box with a retro print on it that said "Happy Pills" which was twenty flavors of awesome. Now it's just one flavor of stolen. Etsy has plenty of pill boxes, but I just can't decide which I like best.

Four Color Diamond Wood Pill Box Key Chain by RichardandMelissa
Pill Box - Silver-Copper-Brass-Viva Tread by THREX

Metal Pill Box Blossoms Hand Painted, Glossy Enamel Finish by Colors by Liza

Deep Green Leaves Resin protected Chiyogami Top by neverstopshoppin

Eiffel Tower Paris Photograph Pill Box by Laura Graham

Reading is Sexy Retro Kitsch Stainless Steel Pill Box by sweetheartsinner


Jennifer Wells said…
Oh my goodness, that's so hard to decide! I think the first one is prettiest, and it would take up the least amount of room. I like the one with red splotches, but if you're having a migraine, would it make you feel worse?

My five-year-old son loves the one with the Eiffel tower. The photo somehow reminds me of the turn of the 19th/20th century, and maybe that's how he feels too.
rachel said…
I wish I could vote for multiples! I like the black, red and white one because it's so shiny and perfect, but the eiffel tower is very you, and so is the reading one... I also like the green one, because it's green and because it's a Japanese print...
becca said…
I like the Blossoms one, the Eiffel Tower one and the Reading Is Sexy one.

I voted for Reading is sexy because cute blossom and Eiffel tower designs can be used anywhere, but a pill box is one of the few places you can get away with a kitschy "Reading Is Sexy" design.
Jael Paris said…
sweetheart sinner specializes in small boxes -- pill boxes, id cases, cigarette cases. She also has some steampunk clockworks and Mucha prints. I'm so very torn.

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