New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Oscar de la Renta
What it made us think of: Be sure you're wearing something from this collection if you go to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor just in case a musical breaks out.
What we liked: belts, tasteful green eyeshadow, lady-like chain details, the shoes,
What we didn't: Why isn't anyone working on that ice cream musical?
Who: L'Wren Scott
What it made us think of: Blair Waldorf
What we liked: sheer spring coats, some brilliant color combos, embroidered velvet jackets
What we didn't: Bright eyeshadow up to the brow.Who: Victoria Beckham
What it made us think of: Minimalism for the rockin' body
What we liked: bronze heels, the sunglasses, tangerine and dusty rose,
What we didn't: Purple to the brow eye shadow. Ladies, don't let this look comeback.

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Ms. Jane said…
Regarding Ice Cream the Musical...possible title "Diary Queens". I can already see the headpieces, fab!
Jael Paris said…
Is Dairy Queens the story of a small town Wisconsin girl who hits it big with non-fat ice cream and has to adjust to wild life in the city all while searching for a man to warm her frozen heart?

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