New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Rodarte
What it made us think of: An artsy label gracefully transitions to adulthood.
What we liked: autumnal pallet for spring, gold lipstick, blue china print, the natural waist, carved heels
What we didn't: crop tops, the materials looks too heavy for the season
Who: Altuzarra
What it made us think of: Give the models F-cups and I think I've seen these clothes in video games.
What we liked: jolts of color against a neutral backdrop, snake trim added personality
What we didn't: odd lines, something I will call "breast hats", white satinWho: 3.1 Philip Lim
What it made us think of: Layers and lines and textures in muted tones are my maximal take on minimalism.
What we liked: soft browns and pops of blue, lacy cut-outs shorts, grandpa sweaters, tassel belts, loose pants, sheer layers in perfect proportion
What we didn't: The shoes

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Mikelle Jade said…
The shoes are very interesting! But I love all the colors and mixing and matching of patterns and textures!
Fanya said…
I LOVE the Rodarte shoes, but I don't quite get the gold lipsticks...or the nude lipstick trend...cuz that's what my lips look like when I'm sick or anemic.

what do you like about the gold lipstick? do you like the color? or that it compliment your skin tone maybe? or that it fit with the clothe?

and if you'd be so kind, some enlightenment on the nude lip trend would be appreciated
classiq said…
i like the colors at Rodarte and the sheer layers at 3.1 Phillip Lim
Jael Paris said…
Fanya, I hate the nude lip trend, (HATE!) so I'm just as in the dark. Certain golds can look good on certain skin, but I'm more of a copper fan.

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