The Most Interesting Dresses at the VMAs

We expect certain things from the VMA red carpet, and the white carpet of 2010 would have barely passed muster save for a wild red queen. There were lots of safe looks, which is a shame. The MTV crowd with its pursuit of the young and novel is one of the best places to play with fashion. What did most of that fresh talent (and stale "talent") wear? Short, draped and sparkly. A few dresses even looked like they came from the prom section of DEB. Thank God for these women:

Katy Perry: I loved this dress at the Marchesa show, but knew it would draw fire if it ever made it to an event. The saucy tattoo embroidery paired with virginal ice princess is a perfect look for the one-time girl-kissing-fruit wearer. There are matching tattoo tights that becca wished Katy'd worn as well, but I can imagine leg doodles and Kool-aid hair.

Ciara: Until Sunday night, becca had forgotten Ciara existed. "Seeing her dress made me look her up and see what she is doing. Her PR people should give her stylist a raise." She's done peek-a-boo lace before, but this Givenchy is better than her Grammy jumpsuit. We love how the dark feathers transition to cream which, combined with the carpet choice, give her an ethereal look. Muse well chosen, Givenchy.

Lady Gaga: Normally, I hate it when people dress in one designer head-to-toe, but Lady Gaga added enough of her own flair with blue-tipped grey hair and claw shoes from a previous season, that she didn't come across as pleading for a campaign deal. Rather, she did her friend Alexander McQueen justice by wearing his clothes the way they should be -- with strength, humor, and dark cheer.


gaga looked stunning in mcqueen! come follow me xoxo
Lindsey said…
I loved the fact that Lady Gaga wore Alexander McQueen - I think he would be proud and if anyone can pull that off, it was her! And I also liked Katie Perry's dress! It was so her and she wore it well!!

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