What's In Your Bag?

When your purse gets swiped, you suddenly spend a lot of time thinking about what was in it. I wasn't robbed at gunpoint or anything, but I feel violated. They didn't get any money, and my cards were easy to cancel. Still, I find myself shelling out all sorts of money to replace the usual toiletries that were inside my purse. Within a day, I found myself pining for lotion, carmex, lipstick, my Swiss army knife, hand sanitizer, eye drops, nasal spray, and Biofreeze. And my ipod. (Not a girly thing, but as the only item in my purse of tradeable value, it gets its own special angry line.) Tunes not included, the cost of replacing this all looks like it's going to run over $70.

That's just the contents. I'm also irritated that the purse itself is gone. It's not like pale green staw bags with paper flowers with large pearls and wood beads are exactly easy to find. With clearance sales, I maybe able to buy a nice summer bag to replace it, but I'm expecting to shell out at least another $20. On top of that, I still need a wallet, makeup bag, and pill case to keep the inside tidy.

At least I cleaned out my bag a week prior. The thief had to go on without my checkbook, sunglasses and three months of receipts and ticket stubs. What would I do without my Iron Man 2 memento?!

What in your bag would you have a hard time being without? What have you been meaning to clean out for weeks?


Catie said…
I couldn't live without my notebooks, sticky pads, or roller-ball pen. Rollerball = <3
Jennifer Wells said…
Actually, your post has inspired me to put more stuff in my purse.

I couldn't live without a pacifier for my 7-month old. TRUST ME. It is essential.
Unknown said…
The only important things in my handbag are my mobile, my driving license, debit card, and credit card. A thief wouldn't get any personal info from my mobile 'cause it just has phone #s, nothing else. I, like you, would be nearly as upset at losing my bag itself as it's contents.

So sorry you've had to endure the theft. But hey... NEW stuff!
Anonymous said…
My handbag sounds so amazingly empty in comparison, but to be completely honest if my bag was stolen my life would stop for days if not weeks. House keys, car keys, drivers license, iphone, debt cards and discount card. They would have the keys to my house AND THE ADDRESS. Eugh! The stress.

On occasion I will have a menthol lip balm, and a bus card, but otherwise I have a huge empty handbag (which i picked up on sale for $150) with a phone, a tiny green coin purse and my keys.

It really sucks that you've lost your bag to some grimy doo-doo head, but at least you now can live the adventure of buying new things and enjoying their new-thing-is-awesome feeling.
Jael Paris said…
They did get all my keys and my id! My husband ran to Walmart (only thing open at that hour) immediately to buy new locks. Getting a new id is a pain too!
Sarah Dee said…
Im so sorry you got your bag stolen!! That would be so upsetting!!

propriatress said…
I know how much this sucks. oh yeah. My dayplanner is always filled with nifty things I write, and designs I sketch. That I would (and did!) miss. Prescription sunglasses are the real pits to lose/get stolen. 1/2 my life is in my purse...it's my portable office. I hope you find the perfect little summer bag to salve your soul...a cute purse can solve so many issues!

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