Poll: Wrinkles

When Paul Newman died, someone wrote "By 70, you have the face you've earned." Grey hairs are coming now, so wrinkles can't be far behind. While I love the idea of earning my face and hope that age graces me with lines from laughter and smiles, the idea of my face changing is a bit overwhelming. (Society pushing the idea that a wrinkle puts one foot in the grave doesn't help.) It will just seem like my face until one day I'm looking at old photos with a whipper-snapper who asks which one in the picture is me. Maybe that will just help refine another laugh line.


I love wrinkles - on other people! No seriously, I'm tired of seeing airbrushed/Botoxed celebrities, we grow old and we need to start accepting that. What's wrong with grey hair and wrinkles, anyway? They don't make people any less attractive.
Jael Paris said…
I recently read about a major magazine losing a $35,000 account with Clairol for publishing an article about the beauty of grey hair. I think that's what's "wrong."
Cyndle said…
I hate the obsession with youth in our culture. It's just offensive to me. Yeah, I think about 10 years from now and wonder how I'll feel when I look in the mirror and I don't look how I remember looking--but it's life.

And a few wrinkles is certainly better than the alternative. When I see 60 year-old women with blown up lips and pulled back eyes, I really think that stuff looks unnatural and much worse than some crow's feet.

There are plenty of LOVELY women (Kristin Scott Thomas, Lauren Hutton, Ellen Burstyn) whose faces show history and experience, and they're not just "beautiful for THEIR age" but beautiful. Period.
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