The Horror: This is Why Authors Shouldn't Be Fashion Designers

Upcylcing is a wonderful thing. Whether it's lockets made of watch gears or Victorian lace reworked as fingerless gloves, we frequently feature Etsy shops with an upcycling bent. But you know what's not upcycling? Frankenstein's monster. Stolen parts sewn together in tattered hackery hoping that lightening will strike to drum up sales bring it to life is in no way upcycling. All I can think it that this is a low-end attempt to be Rodarte, but Frankenstein's monster of a dress is a "designer" price of $340. That has to cut into Igor's pay.


propriatress said…
um, yeah. Folks might think that re/up/working/cycling old stuff looks easy. It is not! and that dreadful thing is giving hard working original handmade designers like me...a real bad name. ;-)
I nominate that dreck for Regretsy, if it were to be on etsy. Thank u baby jesus it isn't!

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