New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Rodarte
What it made us think of: The models look like survivors of an explosion at an arts and crafts bazaar.
What we liked: SHOES!!!! Winter florals, burgundy, loose sheer embellished leggings
What we didn't: Frankly, this is the worst Rodarte collection I've ever seen. That doesn't mean that I hate it or that parts of it won't look great pulled into other outfits. However, some of the tailoring look amaturish. Even so, the work of the Mulleavy sisters is still more interesting than 90% of what's shown in New York.
Who: Threeasfour
What it made us think of: Standard issue uniforms for the high priestess to the Goddess of Serpents
What we liked: Tendrils of undelicate lace, metallics, a consistent theme!
What we didn't: For me, New York is aggressively commercial and lacks a sense of adventure. Everyone's marketing to CW It Girls and ladies who lunch. So the only thing I didn't like about this cohesive, imaginative show was that it only contained 16 looks.

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Alison said…
I really like the threeasfour show too. Very interesting and forward looking. Oh, just wanted to say that I was looking through your polyvore sets and really like them a lot!!
Anonymous said…
ooh nice eye candy! i actually really like the slicked back hair also :)
Jael Paris said…
I tried wearing that hair all through the 90s and just made a halo of fuzz.

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