The Horror: The State of Denim

Perhaps I'm not open-minded when it comes to denim. I prefer a dark wash, but lighter washes or even colors are fine. Skinny jeans look amazing, but for comfort, I almost always pick bootcut. Rips make sense from the perspective of a casual aesthetic, but you'll never catch me spending money for the deconstructed look.

Edun, Rock and Republic, Balmain, Apple Bottom, Marni

Prints are a no-go; they erase the anonymity of demin. Acid wash will never be anything but a nightmare. Patches chop up the body. The motorcycle look in the middle earns a skeptic maybe.

Am I the only fashion nerd who ignores denim trends? What other popular jean trends are making you gag?


Fanya said…
I agree with every single comment you make about the jeans.

I buy dark even wash and since I take care of my clothe, they became a perfect light color with a perfect fit in 5 years, with slight frindge. Yes, all my jeans last ~5-7 years with various state of wornness/color.

The only extra/adornment I like on jeans is zipper on the outter bottom leg.
becca said…
Even in high school when I craved crazy pants, I never did love an over the top denim. I like to try different styles and varying washes, but I don't like distressed, embellished, printed, torn or acid washed denims. I want my jeans to go with almost everything, like jeans should.

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