$150 Challenge: So Long Summer

There may be a few weeks of summer left, but the stores are moving out their summer stock to bring in the fall fashions. I can't wait for fall--my favorite season, but I'm going to make the most of the last weeks of sunshine, picnics and pool parties. I'm also going to make the most of end-of-season super sales to stock up for next year. All of the finds in this $148.82 look are on sale. In fact, the original price of this outfit totals $269.99.

Straw Bag, ebags $19.99 (from $36)
Sling Back Sandals, Naturalizer $29.99 (from $79)
Straw Visor, Target $24.94 (from $26.99)
Sunny Yellow Dress, Nordstrom $75.90 (from $128)


Anonymous said…
Well done! Such a cute look and great bargains. :)
couponsais said…
Nice accessories, I'd love to get my hands on one of them
Jael Paris said…
I won't lie, I'm thinking of buying the dress.
becca said…
Sadly, it seems to have gone up in price since yesterday. But Nordstrom has several dresses like it on sale.

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