$150 Challenge: Back to School

In case our posts on brown coats a'la Firefly, outfits based on comic book icons, or the best stuff to buy at a Renaissance faire didn't tip you off, becca and I are huge nerds. Back-to-school season was always one of our favorites, not because we were looking forward to returning to the loving arms of high school, but rather because we loved new school supplies. We both got a sick, secret joy out of pristine new folders (one for each subject), pencils in need of sharpening, and clean erasers.

Back-to-school supply shopping usually went hand-in-hand with clothes shopping as well. We'd stock up on blazers, long skirts, and shoes with crazy thick platforms. This week's classroom ready look is far more classic than what we were sporting in the late 90s.

plaid skirt, Chick Down Town $11
cropped blazer, Piperlime $54.99
ruffle blouse, Old Navy $19.99
grey booties, Endless $54.95
key brooch, ASOS $8.43


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