Pick Of The Week: Abstract Bow Bag

becca is looking for a new bag. I know she wants something colorful, but she should still look into this slouchy handbag by Vieta. It has a casual shape with a posh origami-like bow (which reminds me of Valentino). I'm especially found of the gold stud details; they strike a perfect balance between lady-like and rock star. It's $88 from Bakers.


Caitlin said…
Wow! I can confidently say I have never seen a bad as unique as that! So cool!
That bag is soo cute..it would be perfect for me in school!

I love your blog and hope you'll check out my blog...we could exchange links!
Fanya said…
wow! Love it!

It goes with every single outfit I can see/think of in my closet.

especially love the off-white color. I have a pure white bag and it looks a bit awkward with brown clothe, but biege goes with everything!

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