Love or Loathe: Flip Flops

One of my many neurosis is that my shoes must make particular sounds. I either need a solid enough rubber tip that I can creep on silent cat-feet or the authoritarian click-click-click of your sternest middle school principal. Under no circumstances do I want THAWK-THWUCK-TRAWK announcing my arrival.

Sound factor aside, I don't like my feet being as exposed as they are in flip-flops. Sure, it's great for heat management, but I always seem to end up skinning my feet in some bizarre way. It's a gift.

The scant structure also helps me give in to the tendency to roll my ankles. That is not a gift, as I've noticed many women in the summer with their feet twisted oddly in sparse shoes.

Although, with their crazy low price and minimal design flip-flops are certainly the best beach shoe imaginable.

What do you think of flip-flops and where will you wear them?


Laura Trevey said…
I wear flips almost every day in the Summer...
rachel said…
In a perfect world, I wouldn't have to wear anything on my feet in the summer time. Because the world isn't covered with soft grass, I wear flip flops so I can be as close to barefoot as possible. I don't love them, but I do have a leather pair that doesn't thwack that much.
Rachel Le said…
I wear flip flops a whole lot. I find them very comfortable (well, my Rocket Dogs are), easy, and they go fine with every day tank tops and capris. I'm pretty picky about flops though- I don't wear the $1 plastic ones because they hurt my feet and they are super loud.
Annie said…
I have 1 pair of flip flops that I bought for a camping trip. I hate any shoe that wants to floss my toes. I'm happier in a pair of Dr Scholl's sandals.
I wear flip-flop style sandals, but usually leather ones. I got a great pair by Teva at my local outdoorsy shop this year that have the usual flip-flop part on the foot (made of a really soft woven braid), but they also have an ankle wrap part with a buckle. I guess I really wear sandals that are a twist on the usual flip-flop style. Either way, I definitely wear as little on my feet all summer as possible!

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