The Horror: Are You Gone Yet?

This dress has been burning a hole in my retinas for months now, and by the time this post goes up, it may finally be sold out. That doesn't mean I can't spread the misery. In fact, as I'm writing this, Forever 21, who almost never has a sale, has marked this dot monstrosity 50% just to make it move. Were the dress a solid color with the black line details, it would be fine, but there's no excuse for that print. Someone must have hit up the Big Top Emporium sale for this fabric as they also made a skirt and top from it as well.


Fanya said…

I do like the idea of black strips with panel, but as it is...well, you need to be talented to pull it off well. I would be ok with this dress if the colors are of a more vibrant or harmonious palatte. Or if all the panels are from same fabric, tribal maybe, that was pretty big a while back no?
Robin said…
Yeah, they have a skirt too. It's in the bargain bin whenever I go. I saw someone wearing one the other day! Not good.
Sarah Dee said…
OH the horror *puts hand to forehead and faints dramatically*

becca said…
This could be turned into a Halloween costume if you happened to be going as a teenage Pebbles Flintstone.

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