Project Design: Summer Bags

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I love my leather bags, but summer demands something different. Suddenly, I'm carrying a water bottle, sunscreen, a light wrap for cool evenings, hair clips, sunglasses, a sun hat and the list goes on. I've found some nice leather totes to fit all of this, but the purse starts heavy. I don't want to pile all this stuff into an already weighty bag. This is why I love fabric or straw bags for summer. They're lightweight; many are easy to wash if they get dirty at a beach party or barbeque; and they're cheap enough to afford an adorable new one every year (If you so desire. I had my last one for four years). Which bag would make your summer sunnier?

Pink Bow Messenger by lamorez
Sailor Tote by bayanhippo
Paper & Straw Handbag by alemanmoore
Teal Volumes Boxy Purse by perdoozy
Olive Patchwork Bird Tote by ChandaHelzer
Ruffled Linen Handbag by sraige


MarieBayArea said…
handbag heaven! that paper and straw one is so unique.
Nikia Jefferson said…
I love that Teal Volumes Boxy Purse! Too cute!

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