Garage Sale Style

Garage sale season is here, and thankfully it will stay most of the summer. I adore garage sales. You never know what you're going to find. Plus, you can haggle, which usually works best if you ask for a "bulk" price when buying several items.

While I keep an open mind when it comes to any type of treasure shopping, I do have a list for garage sales. This way I can remember to look for certain items and I can eliminate mediocre finds that don't fit my needs.

The List:
I don't buy a lot of clothes at these sales because trying them on can be tricky. However, I will pick through any vintage items I see. I'll also take a look at things that are easy to try on like coats or a dress I can slip over what I'm wearing. Nice winter coats are usually marked pretty cheap since garage sales take place in the summer and no one wants to about coats.

I hunt for two types of jewelry. First I look for quirky, unique piece of costume jewelry in good shape. This is stuff I can clean and wear right away. I also look for jewelry I can take apart to use for other things like creating new jewelry or embellishing a DIY project.

Sewing Machine
I really want a sewing machine so I can try my hand at some DIY projects. I'm not good with thing like sewing though so this isn't yet a hobby I want to invest in. I've put a price limit of $20 for a sewing machine and they have to let me plug it in to see if it works. (Most people won't object to this.)

I love really nice hangers, but I refuse to spend a lot of money on them. I'm looking for nice wooden hangers this year. I could kick myself for not buying the set of twenty wood hangers I passed up last year at a yard sale.

Buttons, beads and other baubles
I'm learning to make hair accessories and jewelry. Many people sell their abandoned craft projects at garage sales. DIY can get expensive. Secondhand craft supplies keep the cost low.

Quirky Carriers
These can be picnic baskets, brief cases, purses, train cases, vintage luggage or any other bag-like object. I used to carry these things as purses. I miss having a quirky bag to top off a fun outfit so I'm going to keep an eye out for them this season.

What's your approach to finding stylish steals at garage sales? What are some of your best garage sale deals?


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