Etsy Shop of the Week: New York Couture

Shop: New York Couture

Why We Love It: It's exaggerated, fun, over-the-top fashion that would be more at home on MTV than on the street, which is why it's the perfect shop to find zany things to jazz up any wardrobe. There are plenty of accessories if you're just looking for a quirky touch, but if you're the next Katy Perry (style-wise), this shop has dizzy dresses and crazy colors galore.

Price Range: $10 - $200

More Info: Visit their website for all things New York Couture, and follow them on twitter for updates.

Favorite Items: Black Mustache Necklace $15; Gold Cupcake Necklace $25; Pink Owl Necklace $25; Chain Print Bubble Dress $60; Grey & Bubblegum Cupcake Top $75; Black Owl Jumper Dress $200; Green Sweetheart Ruffle Skirt $150 (pictured)


Alterdelenda said…
LOVE this shop. They've been in my favorites for a long time now! Great feature.
PussDaddy said…
Anonymous said…
LOVE New York Couture!!!

wow what a loser puss this to get hits to a crappy blog...pretty desperate!
Anonymous said…
Puss is addressing the negligence shown here. A little research would have shown that this seller is unreliable and shouldn't be recommended.
Jael Paris said…
Unless stated outright, we are not providing a review of a store's service. We are simply finding products we like. Purchases are up to our readers, who are intelligent enough to research shipping, quality and reliability independent of us. If they decided that customer service is a key factor and that three instances of negative feedback are a black mark, then they may shop elsewhere.

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