Comfortable Summer Skirts

With a career change in the last year, I've been doing a wardrobe overhaul. My silk skirts just don't work at work. And with the vicious heat, any skirt that needs Spankx is out of the picture. I need more comfy cotton skirts.
Top: pink drape skirt, Target $19.99
basket print a-line skirt, Forever 21 $19.80
floral pencil skirt, J. Crew $59.99
Bottom: abstract print miniskirt, Target $24.99
yellow maxi skirt, Old Navy $19
high waisted pencil skirt, Forever 21 $26
full black eyelet skirt, Gap $69.50


Ive just started a new job as well so i need to get some appropriate tops for it and ones that dont hold the heat in either.
Id say try Zara or H+M for skirts.
Jael Paris said…
Sadly, I have neither of those in northern Indiana.

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