Breezy Print Blouses

I'm in love with this heart print blouse by ADAM. The cut is like any standard men's shirt, but the print and sheerness make it completely girly. The looseness would be excellent for the heat, and the light sleeves are helpful for protecting your skin from the sun. I want to pair it with shorts, sandals and aviators for a casual fight against the summer.

Unfortunately, $245 is out of my range for a casual button down. Here are a few lovely, work and weekend ready options under $100.
Top: blouson floral top, Blue Fly $60 (Want!)
sparse floral sheer top, Urban Outfitters $58
lace trim chiffon tunic, Nordstrom $78
Bottom: bow blouse, Pin-Up Girl Clothing $49
long floral tunic, Macy's $26.99
charm print bow blouse, Newport News $39


Anonymous said…
I've seen the UO blouse (first row, second blouse) in person, and it's gorgeous! Definitely a good pick - well made, looks more expensive than it really is, and the cut is flattering.

xoxo Hannah
Janice said…
Very cool I think you need this one fake handbag. I bought some of my handbags on the web.
Fanya said…
You read my mind.

To look discrete in hot days, I'm currenting hunting for a sheer and ultra light blouse to be worn over tank/cami.

Inspired by the flowy/breezy/comfy feel of this from Emilio Pucci without the price tag:

In fact, I'm half considering getting a couple of yard of similar fabric and strings of blings from Joannes and make it.
The Honeyroom said…
I love that blouse but it is definitely out of my price range, but I do love wearing breezy blouses in the summer with jeans or a skirt for a very feminine look!
elise said…
I saw the Relaxed set via polyvore and had to tell you! I just love it =)

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