$150 Challenge: Gelato Run

On beautiful summer days I love to take a walk to the Italian Market at the corner. It's a small store full of imported goodies that remind me of my trip to Italy. Sometimes, they roll out their gelato cart full of homemade Italian ice cream treats. What could be better?

Of course, I like to dress the part. A pair Capri pants make a great foundation since they were invented in Italy. I top this with a comfy yet cute tank (this is actually a pajama tank, but no one will ever know). I bring along a summer scarf to tie my hair back if there happens to be a breeze. Gelato isn't tasty with hair in it. I grab my sunglasses, a cute bracelet and comfortable wedge sandals. Plus, I never forget to grab an oversized tote because I might find goodies to bring home for dinner. (I found this tote in the maternity section of Old Navy's site. I've been shopping for a lot of baby showers lately so I've noticed the great totes in the Mommy/Baby sections. Nothing says it has to be a diaper bag).

Navy Ruffled Tank, Anthropologie $9.95
Striped Capri Pants, Kohls $19.95
Silver Bangle Bracelet, Forever 21 $7.80
Straw Tote, Old Navy $19.50
Wedge Bow Sandals, Zappos $69
Sunglasses, Forever 21 $5.80
Summer Scarf, Lori's $16


Anonymous said…
OK, I want someone to persuade me that capris look good on ANYONE. Because I don't see it. I think they make all women's legs look stubby, and all children's legs look like they are growing out of their clothes. I know they're easy to wear, but geez, if that's all we cared about we'd all be in pajamas or tees and sweats all the time. Slim knee-length shorts: so much better on everybody who doesn't want to wear Daisy Dukes.
becca said…

Capris that fit properly and are the proper length for a person's height and body type will look good. If they just buy a pair without considering fit and length, then they won't look good. Every pair of capris isn't for every person.

I can't wear slim knee-length shorts. They don't work with my shape. Everyone can't wear everything.
Jael Paris said…
Xuxana, I was just thinking of writing about that very thing. You are right about how they look on many people, but those people are buying the exact wrong length. (Unless they want to look short, then the length is perfect.)
Anonymous said…
Becca, I want pics proving that you look better in capris than in knee-length shorts!!!

But I concede your and Jael Paris's point that buying the wrong size and length compounds the problem.

I think readers need a tutorial on fitting capris from.... someone.
becca said…

I'd have to track down a pair of shorts in order to show you how they look, but I'll try to remember to take a picture next time I wear my capri pants. I have long legs and they hit just below my knee--the best length on most people. (I'm kind of built for capri pants, which I will admit is not the case for many women).

A tutorial might not be a bad idea.
Unknown said…
I think capris look good on very slim hips when worn with high heels; I think the thing that makes them look awful is when they are worn with flat shoes. Loved this little make believe vignette.

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