Retro Swim Suits

Time for our annual roundup of vintage inspired swimwear. Because if your body style is more 1955 than 1995, you might as well find a suit the knows how to flatter it.
Top:shirred wine swimsuit, Shape FX $49
black and white polka dot tankini, Fig Leaves $107 (Available through plus sizes!)
corset two-tone maillot, Anthropologie $199
Bottom: silver ruffle suit, Jantzen at Dillard's $120
red gingham skirted swimsuit, Dillard's $106

Pin-Up Girl Clothing and Esther Williams also carry a variety of vintage styles each season. LA Drama Queen on Etsy (vintage Barbie suit pictured below) will even make custom swimwear.


Lesa said…
Of course I love the plaid expensive one....
Sarah Dee said…
Love them all... =( Cannot afford any lol

Love your posts Jael!!

Jael Paris said…

Have hope, ladies! I got a retro styled Jantzen suit at TJ Maxx for $20 last year. These suits are usually more because they have built in supports.
Fanya said…
hmm....the 1st swimsuit with rouching reminded me of a little story

I always thought rouching looks messy, opposite of my clean/steamlined taste. But one day I tried a dress with rouching around the waist, and astonishingly, it gave me curves and made me skinnier instead of fatter. It's not something I liked until I actually tried it on. Now I have a rouched swimdress and a rouched dress, both elicit raving compliments.

If I haven't decided to try the rouched style I hated so, I would never discover how it made people go "wow you look reeeaaally good" when they see me. Ever since, if I have never tried on the style before, I try on the clothe regardless of how it looks on the rack.
I do like a retro swimsuit, so much classier than a skimpy thong bikini! My favourites are the purple ruched number and the Anthropologie corset thingy!
Ms Confashion said…
OMG, I'd luuuuurve to look like that in the last pic... gorgeous swinsuit -yum!

<3 Nete

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