Poll: Return Policy

I'm a returner. I buy things I'm unsure about, take them home, see how they look with the clothes I imagined them with. I never take tags off or wear them out, but I have to think about most things before I'm sure I want to keep them. I used to leave things in the store to see if I remembered them later, but I lost too many good deals to my indecisiveness. If an item cannot be returned, I have to spend eternity in a store thinking about it. I probably return half of what I buy. However, I never waste money on items I don't like or that don't quite work. Do you return stuff?

Bonus Question: Do you return more or less when you shop with friends?


Jael Paris said…
I only recall returning things I bought online (Target) because they didn't fit correctly. I prefer to stalk an item in the store. If it's gone before I buy it, it wasn't meant to be.
Lesa said…
I usually return more of the thngs I buy online, but I have no qualms about purchasing and returning.
Robin said…
My significant other gives me a lot of teasing for the amount of things I return. I stood in F21 for almost 20 minutes last week agonizing over a dress because of their crappy return policy and my low funds. Especially when it comes to online purchases- I'd say I return about half of what I order.
Vicki said…
If I buy something and it doesn't quite fit, but it's close, I'll take the sewing machine to it. Especially because I have a large bust and tiny waist and NOBODY makes clothes that fit me off the rack. I've taken to buying size 18 womens button-downs because they close around my chest and sewing darts into the front and back to make them fit me. I am quickly becoming a pro at this! So "fit" is very relative to me. If I like an item and the price is right, I'll MAKE it fit.

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