Boudior Barbie Vintage Lingerie

Shop: Boudior Barbie on Etsy

Vintage lingerie, slips, nightgowns, robes and some clothing

How much:
$10 and up. Lingerie tops out around $70

Why: I bought a full slip and a half slip by Dior from her a few weeks ago. They arrived within a few days and fit perfectly. I liked her shop so much, I bought another item for a friend of mine who's getting married.

Favorites: turquoise edged robe and nightgown $23 (pictured); short red robe $15; green Pucci half slip with pink lace trim $23; ; curve-hugging pink stripe slip $19 (pictured); gathered purple nightgown $43


Great pieces to have bought! Excellent idea for a bridal gift too...just did the same for my cousin :-)
Jael Paris said…
She did costuming for our theater department, including Streetcar Named Desire. She's vintage to the core. :-)

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