Pick Of The Week: Bottle Heel Shoes

A picture of a Dior shoe with a "Miss Dior" bottle heel hangs on my inspiration wall. I love the idea of a relatively common object (a perfume bottle) being the heel of a shoe. I'm not alone in my interest. Months ago one of our readers asked for a shopping post featuring shoes with weird heels. Problem is, most of what I found either had several terrible product reviews or cost well over $500.

Lucky us, less-than-rent shoe designers are getting adventurous. My favorite, breath-taking example is the "Brownwyn" oxford from 80%20. Doesn't the heel look reminiscent of a blown glass perfume bottle? I love that feminine shape paired with the simple oxford. Aside from the pictured black, this shoe is also available in gunmetal for $168 and more open lace version in black or black and white for a few dollars more.


Anghazardlights said…
I absolutely love the shape of the glass heel, but I'm not so keen on the rest of the shoe - too clumpy looking for me. I'd love a pair of simple courts but with that heel - gorgeous.
Jael Paris said…
The contrast is part of what appeals to me. But then I also just bought a studded clutch to wear with my delicate pink evening dress.

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