I love peacocks. (Not the birds themselves. Nasty little buggers bite and scream like children in pain.) But the colors and eye feathers mesmerize me.

Play it loud. Pile on as many textures, pieces of jewelry and peacock colors as you can. Be flashy. Be noticed. Below is a night look complete with sequins, feathers, a chunky necklace, bright makeup and textured heels.

Here's a day look. The base outfit is more subdued shades of green and blue than the evening look. The colorful accessories and makeup take center stage.

Or be a bit more subtle. Use the bird of the hour as the basis for your accessories. Here I tied teal, jade and bronze into a navy dress. It's colorful but not overwhelming and it still gives the desired effect.

With so many vibrant colors, people often forget the metallic brown undertone of a peacock. Play that up with rich copper and bronze and only one other color. Still lux and eye-catching but plenty toned down for such a showy bird.


Kristen said…
These color schemes are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration!

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